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AREF Celebrates 50 Years of Service

The Arkansas Rural Endowment Fund recently celebrated fifty years of service to Arkansans. The company was founded January 2, 1959, by a small group of visionary leaders across the state, with the sole mission of making low-interest rates loans primarily to rural Arkansans.   


Over the years AREF (a private, non-profit corporation) has served the higher education needs of over 17,000 citizens - including at least one Arkansas Governor - and many other leaders in business, industry, farming and numerous other fields.


Currently, AREF provides funding to students attending trade or proprietary schools through its Private Student Loan Program.


As the longest serving non-profit maker of student loans in Arkansas, we invite you to check out our competative interest rates and great local service.


Since 2012, AREF has been making agricultural and other farm related loans. Please call us regarding these new loan products available to rural Arkansas residents.


Finally, if you need to call us during regular business hours, you will get a person - not a machine - to serve you. Contact AREF today!

Submitted : 07-Jan-09
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